hand carved linoleum block prints

❀ JOY ❀

✿ J O Y ✿ \joi\ noun: 1) a feeling of great pleasure and happiness: gladness. 2) the experience of pure delight. 3) a state of happiness or felicity.


Capybara Oasis

Dive into this magical river oasis with 22 of the world's largest rodents, Capybara. This oasis begs you to search for all of the flora and fauna hidding in the river bank. Who knows, once you go looking maybe you'll want to stay and bask in this sweet escape.

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The Hunt

A celebration of traditional Japanese Woods Blocks, this is the first in a series of highly detailed prints celebrating the natural world.

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The Watcher

With loads of texture, The Watcher is next print in the series of linocuts inspired by traditional Japanese woodblocks.

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