⊱✿⊰ About⊱✿⊰

Hi there, my name is MC Carey (they/them), and I am the artist behind Femme Prints!

I'm a biracial- Black, queer, non-binary, Jewish, Disabled printmaker and community educator living and creating on Piscataway- Conoy land, also known as Baltimore, MD. As a leather-dyke who is quite handsy, printmaking was always bound to be the medium for me! I can't help but love a tedious and time consuming craft, like printmaking.

I fell deep in love with printmaking in 2017 during my first art class my senior year of college. Those first classes were focused on intaglio etching-- using etching needles to design on zinc and coper plates and then acid to engrave the design into the plates to make a print. I was hooked from my very first etching plate! After I graduated with my BA in Political Science & Gender Studies, I wanted to keep diving into printmaking as a medium, so i taught myself linoleum block carving since i didn't have any access to space, materials, or confidence to continue with intaglio printmaking.

2018 birthed Femme Prints! I decided that I wanted to work hard at becoming a printmaker, especially as a tool of self care. As I work at a dual Domestic Violence/ Sexual Assault Agency, teaching healthy sexuality and running support groups, I needed printmaking to help me navigate such a heavy 9-5. As a completely self-taught linocut printmaker, I believe that printmaking is for the people. Here on my website and on my Instagram , I showcase tips and tricks for printmaking and my process for making a lot of my prints! As an educator, in my 9-5, I can't help but teach! Keep an eye on blog posts, where i will post about upcoming in-person and virtual printmaking workshops in 2023!