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'Self-Care' is a 14x14 inch hand-carved linoleum block print on kraft brown Stonehenge paper. Originally designed in August 2020, the print was reworked into its current format in January 2022.


The print reads: "Caring for myself is not self-indulgence. It is self-preservation, and that is an act of political warfare. -- Audre Lorde". "Self-Care" boasts the famous words by Lorde, the Black Feminist scholar, activist, and pleasure seeker. It also centers the body of a Black, non-binary trans, queer person who sits upon a bed of moss and mushrooms, contemplating what rest means for them. Our dedication to our own rest is not only political, it is an act of liberation-- especially when reinforced and supported by community care.


'Self-Care' is a piece that came out of the depths of the pandemic. Originally created as a piece that would be published in a mutual aid zine-- Onlinocut Presents: Carving Out A Collective Future, featuring the printmaking art of 12 different artists from around the United States-- 'Self Care' became something even more personal to MC. This print is almost like a mirror and an ode to an ever-changing self. "Self-Care" both echos the inner beliefs of MC while also acting as a daily reminder of what is so possible, yet still difficult to hold on to.


*Please note that due to the nature of hand-carved linoleum block printing, every print will have its own unique quality. Each edition is inspected to be the best quality and similar, but I cannot ensure exact replica of the print pictured on this site. Part of the magic of printmaking is all of the print-specific marks like "noise" or carving marks that add to the feel of the print. Please take note of this when ordering. 

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