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Free Palestine

Free Palestine

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Free Palestine is a 9x11'' hand-carved linoleum block-print printed in a varied edition on 11x14 handmade papers including-- white mango fiber paper (black ink), green mango fiber paper (black ink), yellow ochre thai banana leaf paper (black ink), kraft colored Stonehenge paper (black ink), and chocolate brown thai banana leaf paper (gold ink).

Over 12,000 people have been massacred by the Israeli government since October 7th and this is only a portion of the 75+ years of occupation and genocide inflicted against the people of Palestine. In these few weeks since the onslaught of the 2023 Nakba, I wanted to create a piece that celebrates all of the people, culture, and land that is at stake. This piece embraces the art of Tatreez, the Arabic word for embroidery, and the gorgeous imagery honoring revolution and liberation in Palestinian fabrics. For this carving, my hope is to tell a story of resistance and grief. The Tatreez on the border includes imagery of feathers, olive branches, hearts, and doves in many iterations. They mix traditional embroidery style with a more modern style of design. The outline of Palestine encases buildings from Gaza, East Jerusalem, and Bethlehem for what I'm hoping for a well-rounded vision of the stunning architecture of Palestine, much of which has been devastatingly destroyed by Israel. We also see a family who mourns the settler colonialism and genocide that plagues their homeland. The young child holds a basket of oranges and olive branches— a sign of hope and resilience as hundreds of ancient olive trees have been burned and destroyed by IDF forces. The parents both wear Thobes and Keffiyeh— two garments that represent liberation in their own ways. The Keffiyeh’s fishnet signifies Palestinian sailors and the Mediterranean Sea, the olive leaves symbolize the perseverance & resilience of the occupied people, and the bold lines represent trade routes of natural & cultural merchant exchange.

This print will be an ode to life and liberation from me, a Black American Jewish person who believes wholeheartedly in a Free Palestine from the river to the sea.


*Please note that due to the nature of hand-carved linoleum block printing, every print will have its own unique quality. Each edition is inspected to be the best quality and similar, but I cannot ensure exact replica of the print pictured on this site. Part of the magic of printmaking is all of the print-specific marks like "noise" or carving marks that add to the feel of the print. Please take note of this when ordering. 

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