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Abundant Together

Abundant Together

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'Abundant Together' is an 11x14 inch hand-carved linoleum block print. The print is hand-pressed onto two different color options: handmade white paper with magenta leaf and natural fibers OR magenta-colored Lokta Paper. Lokta paper is made from the bark of the bush named Daphne Papyrus, which only grows at an altitude of 6500ft or above in the Himalayas. Both papers are hand-made.

'Abundant Together' features a linoleum block printed image of artist-inspired textured pomegranates. 'Abundant Together' was made as an homage to a life of abundance and community safety-- where everyone has what they need and everyone feels safe to be their whole selves. Specifically, Palestinian people who have been under occupation and facing ethnic cleansing for 75years. 

*Please note that due to the nature of hand-carved linoleum block printing, every print will have its own unique quality. Each edition is inspected to be the best quality and similar, but I cannot ensure exact replica of the print pictured on this site. Part of the magic of printmaking is all of the print-specific marks like "noise" or carving marks that add to the feel of the print. Please take note of this when ordering. 

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