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Joy ✿

Joy ✿

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✿ J O Y ✿ \joi\ noun: 1) a feeling of great pleasure and happiness: gladness. 2) the experience of pure delight. 3) a state of happiness or felicity.

JOY is a 9x12” hand carved linoleum block print made on 11x14” Stonehenge paper in the color Kraft. JOY features a Black woman with a detailed flower braid design in her hair. 

To be a Black Woman is to embody JOY. In a world where we are constantly scrutinized, challenged, and ridiculed our JOY is political and it is powerful. Our hair is JOY as it allows us to explore mountains of self expression, to reconnect to our childhood selves, and evoke the simplest of pleasures like flowers ✿ when we move our body, cook /eat our favorite foods, soak up the sun, embrace our full Black femme beings… we embody Black girl JOY ✿


*Please note that due to the nature of hand-carved linoleum block printing, every print will have its own unique quality. Each edition is inspected to be the best quality and similar, but I cannot ensure exact replica of the print pictured on this site. Part of the magic of printmaking is all of the print-specific marks like "noise" or carving marks that add to the feel of the print. Please take note of this when ordering.

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